1/F 天經地義生活館 WECONS



“WECONS” is the holistic concepts of healthy living which interprets the meaning of coexist with ecology and social justice. From production to distribution as well as various economic consumption areas, WECONS is people-oriented and performs happy economy.

From the view of social economy, WECONS provides fair trade products, local and traditional handicrafts, organic farm products, potted plants, even ecological planting programs and social community tours. Through series of socioeconomic workshops here, you may explore life and vision in a sustainable way.



l   覺念自然有限公司

ZEN IN FIVE SEASONS – HealthWorks Group

l   The Awareness of Nature Ltd.


l   小農正品

l   公平點

l   關注綜援低收入聯盟

l   女工會.團結升級再造合作社

l   香港理工大學‧社經行動組

l   聖雅各福群會‧土作坊

l   聖雅各福群會‧時分天地

l   Incu-Lab‧創格工房

WECONS – Hong Kong Social Economy Alliance

l   The Small Agriculture Positive Article


l   Concerning CSSA & Low Income Alliance

l   Triple up Sewing cooperatives, HKWWA

l   PolyU Social Economy Action

l   Ground Works, St. James’Settlement

l   Time Coupon Place, St. James’Settlement

l   Incu-Lab


開放時間 Opening Hours:


Mon: 3p.m. – 7p.m.

Tue-Sun: 11a.m. – 7p.m.


熱線 Tel: 9388-5560

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